109 Stretch Ceilings

109 TM offers long lasting quality and unlimited possibilities to create unique designs. Our PVC foil is fully recyclable stretch membrane that corresponds to all health and safety requirements. Stretch ceiling does not require pre-finishing, can hide any defects of the main ceiling, renew and refresh the whole interior of the apartment, home, office. 109TM ceilings may be installed in houses, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, shops and industrial spaces.

The material comes in a vast array of colors and textures, providing our technicians and designers with endless possibilities to create an individual and unique design for you. Our stretch ceilings offer uncommon design capabilities, our staff uses the most advanced ceiling technology to create 3D shapes ceilings. Compared to traditional technologies of ceiling finishing requiring every 3-5 years renovation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, 109TM stretch ceilings do not require special maintenance for many years ahead. The material will not crack or fade and stays clean for a long time. If it is necessary you can just wipe it.